Alista Richardson: Short Story Collection

Words!! Influential and powerful tools that can make someone feel a certain way just by writing something silly or gross or happy. Words have power, and Alista Richardson, 17, loves to experiment with words. So without further adieu, here is her short story collection! JABBERJABBERJABBERWOCKThis is called a Loop Poem, where each line starts with... Continue Reading →

An Angel in our Midst

By Hayden Alexander The stage was set with the seats full of people and anticipation. She waited patiently backstage for her chance to share her talents with the world. Finally, the moment had arrived for her to step out from behind the curtain.  She stood there, the spotlight creating a heavenly glow around her, and... Continue Reading →

March Art and Writing

Compiled by Charlotte Suttee Thank you to everyone who submitted to March Torch Art and Writing. Submit your work to by the end of April to be featured in the next issue. More guidelines found on Torch Art and Writing. "Flow" by Hudson Mazzei (12)colored pencil "always me" by Jill Spero (12)one wrong word... Continue Reading →

Poetic Justice System

          Orange jumpsuit. Number. Last name, perhaps. This is what humanity boils down to inside the American justice system. Prisoners, stripped of their identities, are often left voiceless or without the means to be heard. Poetic Justice- a volunteer organization that leads writing workshops with incarcerated women- is devoted to helping these women... Continue Reading →

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