A Pointless Divide

By Aaron Siebert There is a vast valley dividing the people of America today. It can be seen from any news outlet or media. The entire country has dissolved into an us vs. them mentality. Whether it’s red vs. blue, right vs. left, or any other spin we can put on those two sides.  While... Continue Reading →

The Search for Unbiased News

By: Natalie Eaton Nowadays, it is extremely difficult to find reliable information in this time and age of technology. With so many social media platforms, websites, and information being interpreted differently, it is a constant battle finding out the truth while remaining unbiased as possible.  Here at Jenks, so many students are active on social... Continue Reading →

How to Love

Editorial by Charlotte Suttee Modern Valentine’s Day is marketed for romance, but I believe there’s much more to love than your cute boyfriend (real or imaginary) this unofficial-holiday season. Here’s a brief list of ways we can love 5 things: planet, country, school, others, and, of course, yourself. Love the Planet: “Only buy food that... Continue Reading →

Students Get Involved with Politics at JHS

BY Izzy Pankey As midterms approach, politics are becoming a more important thing for people to be thinking about and getting involved in. From getting out there and telling people to vote or even just getting students in on the conversation, Young Republicans and Young Democrats Clubs are getting students involved. Even though majority of... Continue Reading →

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