Spring into the Spooks!

By: Amelia Kimberling Spring Break is approaching, and with not all of us cruising in the Bahamas or touring Europe, our television screens can at least attempt to offer a similar escape. Plus, what’s a better escape than a horror movie? The Torch has composed a list of horror movies to soothe your stir-crazy needs.... Continue Reading →

El Rancho Grande Review

By: Lilly Heritage Living in the South Tulsa/Jenks area, there are quite a few Mexican food staples right down the street. However, there’s a restaurant near and dear to my heart that's a little further down the road. El Rancho Grande, the big ranch. As the name implies, the menu is quite large. Now, sometimes... Continue Reading →

Bramble Breakfast and Bar Review

By Jett Millican The transformation of the beloved Jenks RiverWalk from simply a cheap movie theatre to a  happening attraction could be the best thing to happen for the city of Jenks. Next in the lineup of on the water thrills is Bramble Breakfast and Bar.  Walking into Bramble on a Sunday morning is similar... Continue Reading →

Harriet: The Coalition of Cinema and History

By Andrea Rosa Harriet, directed by Kasi Lemmons, is a live-action retelling of the thrilling and profound life of Harriet “Minty” Tubman. Lead actress and esteemed Broadway star Cynthia Erivo portrays the historical figure representing this newly released biopic. Although the film carries the weight of heavy cultural implications, it also offers musical and visual... Continue Reading →

Santi Claus’ Bag o Books

By Santiago Serrano Sometimes you got an hour or three or forty five to kill, and burning your retina by watching the same YouTube video over and over just seems unappealing. Well, worry not, for I, Santi Claus, bring a treasure trove of late Christmas presents for all who simply want to have good ol’... Continue Reading →

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