Los Mariachis Review

Food is the one thing that can really bring people together. However, it’s also something that people can get easily tired of. Living in Tulsa, there are the typical popular-but-repetitive food chains. How can we escape the Chili’s of the world? The Trojan Torch is going to help you get out of your comfort zone... Continue Reading →

A Web Swinging Review: Into The Spiderverse

By Jackson Cropper It’s been almost two decades since superhero blockbusters began to dominate the box office. Their epic scope and mythic characters have won audiences over for years and it’s hard to see that coming to an end anytime soon. Today, every superhero film that gets released comes complete with humongous amounts of hype... Continue Reading →

Prince of Thorns Review

Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence was his first book and it turned out really well, but not many people have heard of it. It is book one of his Broken Empire series. You may know Lawrence for his new book Red Sister that was published last year and is a nominee for the Audie... Continue Reading →

Black Panther Review

     Black Panther hit theaters February 15th and Marvel amazed us yet again with its beautiful worlds, mesmerizing visuals, and an unforgettable cast of dynamic characters. Black Panther has not only immortalized itself within our hearts, but it has also immortalized itself on the charts as Black Panther has become one of only 5... Continue Reading →

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