The Man Behind the Noobly

By Santiago Serrano I was excited and overjoyed to interview Jenks High School’s very own Youtube sensation, the guy behind the booming gaming channel NooblyGamer. As I sat there on the second floor of the math and science center, I eagerly waited to meet the the legend responsible for the abundance of purple stickers bearing... Continue Reading →

“Math, not just for nerds.”

By Santiago Serrano 75 minutes,  25 questions, and a very hopeful teacher. Mr. Kern is the teacher in charge of conducting the AMC (american math competition) tests for Jenks, where on February 17 the  students who have signed up can participate in an advanced mathematics test which includes trig, algebra, and geometry, AMC itself explains... Continue Reading →

Santi Claus’ Bag o Books

By Santiago Serrano Sometimes you got an hour or three or forty five to kill, and burning your retina by watching the same YouTube video over and over just seems unappealing. Well, worry not, for I, Santi Claus, bring a treasure trove of late Christmas presents for all who simply want to have good ol’... Continue Reading →

A Trip Into Room 203

BY Santiago Serrano   Amid a flurry of activity ranging from people looking over solutions to others marking out and building the space they needed was one guy sitting behind a computer, quietly taking attendance, and orchestrating this controlled madness, his name? Jake Dyke. The club? Science olympiad. The one thing everyone had in common?... Continue Reading →

Introducing Our New Teachers

By Santiago Serrano Welcome to this year’s teacher thunderdome, where 3 new teachers will enter and…..I guess all three can leave, since you know violence is a no-no on campus, but regardless, I have the utmost pleasure in introducing some of Jenks’ newest teachers, because believe it or not, there are people behind the homework... Continue Reading →

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