Not Milk?

By: Sophia Stunkard My entire life has been leading up to this moment. For as long as I can remember I have been dying to write an in-depth review over the most popular milk alternatives. But there has been something in my way, my news-writing advisor, Mr. McCown. Every month I pitch this incredible story... Continue Reading →

Humans of Jenks: Sophie Guy

By: Sophia Stunkard As you walk down the halls of Jenks High School, you pass hundreds of people with stories waiting to be told. Here, I will be sharing the story of Sophie Guy, 12, a runner, videographer, and overall a sweet human being. Below, Guy will reflect on some of her favorite high school... Continue Reading →

Showcasing The Wisdom of Jenks Youth

By: Sophia Stunkard Hello everyone! For the month of October, I decided to create a video showcasing the brilliance of our Jenks Youth. I asked a handful of Jenks East Elementary students questions, for example, about what they would do if they were president, or things that make them laugh. Watch my video below to... Continue Reading →

Rating Your Favorite Coffee Shops!

By: Sophia Stunkard Hi, my name is Sophia. I am Colombian which basically means that coffee is running through my veins 24/7. Now putting stereotypes aside, I am a self proclaimed coffee connoisseur. Con·nois·seur: an expert judge in matters of taste. Not only do I love coffee, I also love coffee shops; I will be... Continue Reading →

Behind the Mask: Señora Marshall

By: Sophia Stunkard As you walk into classroom 6174, you are greeted with a vibrant array of banners and art all depicting the beauty of hispanic culture, and with this you will find the teacher who’s eccentric personality makes up the heart of this room, Señora Marshall.    "Stepping into her class feels like being immersed... Continue Reading →

The Take on 2021

By Sophia Stunkard 2020: the year of a global pandemic, a historic presidential election, the fight for social change, and the year where everyone lost the concept of time. With everything that occured during 2020, we look into 2021 with many questions, in need of answers. In this article, I will dive into what this... Continue Reading →

The Face Behind the Frank

By: Sophia Stunkard The Frank Herald Fieldhouse is the home to many Jenks athletes and provides an exciting atmosphere for volleyball, wrestling, and basketball. As a student, I’ve found interest in the face and story behind the naming of the fieldhouse and I decided to embark on an investigation. I thought that a quick Google... Continue Reading →

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