The Chess Boiz

By: Natalie Eaton Chess is a board game of strategies and tactics. A sport that takes practice, time and thought, and a smart set of minds. Just like other sports, chess is competitive and mentally challenging.  Eight brilliant students, Ryan Amburgy, Liam Glynn, Juan Diego Hernandez, Hakeem Hussain, Parker Haras, Roman Miller, Sarabjot Singh, and... Continue Reading →

Matthew Domanchuk: A Star On Ice

By: Avery Hudkins and Bella Hunt Matthew Domanchuk has been on the ice since he was 7 years old. He continues to show his determination and commitment through his reputation as a hockey player on the OKC Oil Kings, an 18U AA (youth hockey league) team. He not only continues to show his efforts on... Continue Reading →

Shooting For Success

By: Natalie Eaton Reload. Aim. Shoot. The Jenks Shooting team fires. As many Jenks students and alumni know, Jenks prides themselves in our very successful athletic department, as well as the variety of uncommon sports teams like, The Shooting Team. The Jenks shooting team is FFA sanctioned and split into senior and junior groups. Originally,... Continue Reading →

Double Threat Quarterbacks

By: Natalie Eaton The bright Friday night lights, the student section screaming, and the community gathering  together to watch Jenks football play has begun once again. With the old players graduated, and new rookies filling in, everyone is excited to see the new players out on the field, especially in the quarterback position.  After coming... Continue Reading →

Project Unify: Reunified

By: Kendall Webber They stare at the soccer ball as it rolls towards the goal and they hold their breath. All attention turns towards the ball as the goalie stands his ground, protecting his goal. He reaches for the ball but it slips through his fingers. The ball slams against the net and all the... Continue Reading →

A Second Shot: Carson Cooper’s Story

By Avery Hudkins Could you imagine stepping onto a basketball court with the fluorescent lights beating down on you after being precisely moments away from death over just a month ago? Incredible right? That’s exactly what Carson Cooper, a senior at Jenks high school, did this basketball season.  Diagnosed with Minimal Change as a freshman,... Continue Reading →

Sports in the Time of a Pandemic

By Avery hudkins Imagine you’re preparing for your high school sports season and you are suddenly told the rest of your season is cancelled. Every opportunity a high school athlete is given in 2020 is not granted fully due to the widespread disease of Covid.  Many football players, cross country runners, and volleyball players all... Continue Reading →

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