Lady Trojans Lacrosse

By: Natalie Eaton Jenks Ladies Lacrosse’s season has officially come to an end, after an impressive and record-breaking season. With all of the craziness thrown at sports this year, through COVID, contact tracings, and ice storms, the Lady Trojans managed to pull off a fantastic season filled with win streaks, very little deficits, and a... Continue Reading →

One Last Ride

By: Kinslie Washington Fans are cheering, coaches are yelling, players are fighting, and the game is starting. The stadium is full and the lights are beaming down, it’s the start of the championship game and the first for sophomores and juniors and the last for the seniors. The fans are cheering then they got silet,... Continue Reading →

Photo Journal: Football Games

By Izzy Pankey As the football season comes to an end, we look back at all the games our Trojans have played. From defeating Union at the Backyard Bowl, to our only loss regular season loss at the Broken Arrow game. Trojans have kept our heads held high as we went on and won the... Continue Reading →

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