A Holiday Photojournal

By: Matty Mooney As the Holidays roll around, communities gather to celebrate the most magical time of the year. For Tulsa, the whole town contributes to the festivities that December brings. Wanting to take my love for photography and my town, I created a photojournal of some of the best Holiday activities Tulsa has to... Continue Reading →

Classic Literature: Good or Not?

By: Emma Zeller Classic literature- the stories and ideas that have influenced our world for centuries- are they actually good? I read and reviewed the most common classics to read in high school so you can find the one that fits you best.  Especially now, our surroundings are often chaotic and our schedules are crammed.... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Energy Drinks For Finals

By: Henry Sacra Sometimes, you just need a boost. Whether it is 3AM and you’re trying to cram for your AP Psychology exam last minute, or you're genuinely doing planned studying, you just need a boost. Energy drinks are a great way to get that boost in a pinch. But, with so many options, which... Continue Reading →

Dutch Bros Review

By: Avery Hudkins You must be living under a rock if you have not heard of Dutch Bros before! The new and hip Oregon-based drive-through coffee place has made its way into Oklahoma and to say I am excited is an understatement. I visited the Dutch Bros on 51st and Yale since the one coming... Continue Reading →

Humans of Jenks: Sophie Guy

By: Sophia Stunkard As you walk down the halls of Jenks High School, you pass hundreds of people with stories waiting to be told. Here, I will be sharing the story of Sophie Guy, 12, a runner, videographer, and overall a sweet human being. Below, Guy will reflect on some of her favorite high school... Continue Reading →

Bus Driver Shortage

By: Avery Hudkins The effects of COVID-19 are still continuing on as we approach the end of 2021. Due to shortages caused by the pandemic, Jenks Public Schools is scrambling to find qualified bus drivers from left to right. Many Jenks students have experienced fallout from this, including long waits at bus stops or late... Continue Reading →

Shooting For Success

By: Natalie Eaton Reload. Aim. Shoot. The Jenks Shooting team fires. As many Jenks students and alumni know, Jenks prides themselves in our very successful athletic department, as well as the variety of uncommon sports teams like, The Shooting Team. The Jenks shooting team is FFA sanctioned and split into senior and junior groups. Originally,... Continue Reading →

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