What’s The Deal With Block Schedule

By: Taylor Hatheway Just the other week, big news was announced at Jenks High School. Next year, there would be no block scheduling. Students would no longer be spending an hour and a half in each of their classes, twice a week. The Trojan Torch decided to find out why the administration had decided to... Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of Golf

By Taylor Hatheway Since most people don’t know what a golf tournament is like, I thought it would be interesting to take you along with me for a two-day golf tournament on March 1st and 2nd in Granbury, Texas. Thursday February 28, 2019: When I woke up to my alarm, I rolled out of bed,... Continue Reading →

Black History Month

By: Taylor Hatheway Students at Jenks may be aware that it’s currently Black History Month but they might not know how the school is celebrating it. If they have walked through Building 5, they may have seen the large banners hanging by the main office that highlight prominent people from the Harlem Renaissance or heard... Continue Reading →

Future Educators of Jenks

By: Taylor Hatheway Many students have looked up to their teachers but some students at Jenks are taking steps to become teachers. Jenks, Union, and Northeastern State University are partnering together to provide a class on childhood education that takes place once a week at Union High School. Jenks students also have the chance to... Continue Reading →

As the Bell Rings

BY Taylor Hatheway Have you ever wondered why your friends at other schools get out of school earlier than you? Or why our school day is the length it is? Jenks currently has 180 days in the instructional calendar, which meets the state of Oklahoma’s minimum for the number of days a school must be... Continue Reading →

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