SNHS: The New Science Club at Jenks

By: Natalie Eaton Students from AP-Chemistry have created a brand new science organization for any kind of science lover- the Science National Honor Society! Science Olympiad, Robotics, and Pre-Med are all foundational science clubs that have been offered for years at Jenks High School, but this year, Jenks will be welcoming SNHS to go further... Continue Reading →

Proud and Out at Jenks

By: Isabella Arias  When you hear the term LGBTQ+, what normally comes to mind? For most people, it means rainbow flags, pride marches, and being out and proud. However, many people within the queer community don’t have the privilege of feeling that way, especially in a state like Oklahoma.  Although Jenks is in Oklahoma, there... Continue Reading →

Boxing and Thriving

By: Natasha Perez Gloves caress his cheeks. Their foam patting protects his face. He strikes. The punching bag jolts to the side. He counters with his left. A glaze covers his eyes. He focuses on his target. If you’re a stranger to boxing, you wouldn’t notice him constantly adding onto his technique. How he works... Continue Reading →

McCown-isms To Live By

I have been a part of the Trojan Torch for the past two years, this year being appointed as one of two Editors In Chief. Throughout my time on the staff, I have spent countless hours sitting in Mr. McCown’s room. Because of the sheer amount of time that I have spent in his room,... Continue Reading →

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