Kolin and the Melodrama

By Natalie Eaton Bring your popcorn and rootbeer, and be prepared to laugh! Jenks High School’s drama production, Deadwood Dick, is debuting this December with a big story to tell.  This year, the play will be based in the Old West and will go faster than regular drama productions. Junior Kolin Graham will be playing... Continue Reading →

Bramble Breakfast and Bar Review

By Jett Millican The transformation of the beloved Jenks RiverWalk from simply a cheap movie theatre to a  happening attraction could be the best thing to happen for the city of Jenks. Next in the lineup of on the water thrills is Bramble Breakfast and Bar.  Walking into Bramble on a Sunday morning is similar... Continue Reading →

Fresh Faces of Jenks

By: Jett Millican Getting to know your regular 6 teachers you see everyday can be a daunting task for some, much less learning about teachers you simply pass in the hall. The Torch is going to make it easy for you, we talked to two new teachers at Jenks High School, Kayleigh Jordan and Lesleigh... Continue Reading →

Expanding the Field of Agriculture

By: Greg Tiller What comes to your mind when someone mentions “Agriculture”? Is it livestock? Is it crops? Is it farmers? Most people would answer with one of those. We even published an article highlighting those aspects last year.  However, a new class is expanding the field of Agricultural Education. This year, the Jenks chapter... Continue Reading →

SNHS: The New Science Club at Jenks

By: Natalie Eaton Students from AP-Chemistry have created a brand new science organization for any kind of science lover- the Science National Honor Society! Science Olympiad, Robotics, and Pre-Med are all foundational science clubs that have been offered for years at Jenks High School, but this year, Jenks will be welcoming SNHS to go further... Continue Reading →

Art for Actin’

By: Grace Abraham Having a big Performing Arts Center is great. You walk in and see the huge space, with rows of chairs, the bright red curtain with the spotlight shining right in the middle of it, and you can smell the crisp auditorium air that emits the excitement of whatever show is going to... Continue Reading →

Photo Journal: Football Games

By Izzy Pankey As the football season comes to an end, we look back at all the games our Trojans have played. From defeating Union at the Backyard Bowl, to our only loss regular season loss at the Broken Arrow game. Trojans have kept our heads held high as we went on and won the... Continue Reading →

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