Eat Around The World

By: Jourdan Batson Living in a city like Tulsa, there doesn’t seem to be many options for different types of food you may crave. There are a lot more than we think, and I tried some of the recommended authentic types of food you can find here!  El Arepazo: I had to DoorDash this since... Continue Reading →

Afghan Refugees Resettle in Tulsa

By: Liza Inbody Cover Photo Credit: The Black Wall Street Times For the young Afghanistan people, war has been apparent their entire life, tainted by dispute, violence, and betrayal. And now, they are leaving behind all that is familiar, into a foreign country with a different language, culture, people, and nowhere to start. Many of... Continue Reading →

A Local Limelight: Admiral Twin Drive-In

By Matty Mooney Picture this: It’s a hot summer’s night and the sun has just set beyond the horizon. You and your friends pile up into your mom’s old Subaru and drive to South Tulsa for the main event. Tonight is the anniversary showing of The Outsider’s and you couldn’t be more excited. With a... Continue Reading →

Sugar Llamas

By: Amelia Kimberling Doughnuts, coffee, and ice cream — what else could you possibly want? Sugar Llamas, a new Tulsa-based business, offers each of those treats. The exterior of Sugar Llamas on a sunny Sunday afternoon. When you walk inside, Sugar Llamas doesn’t miss the mark on aesthetics. The shop is small and quaint, with... Continue Reading →

Poet Warriors Thriving Through the Pandemic

By Mara Winters They call themselves Poet Warriors- the women rewriting the narrative of incarcerated women through their nonprofit organization, Poetic Justice, which teaches creative writing classes to women in prison. The pandemic has dramitacally changed the face of this orginization not only how they contact the women, but the ammount of women they are... Continue Reading →

Shop Small: Black Owned Businesses in Tulsa

By: Matty Mooney Black owned businesses and entrepreneurship has been around forever, since the beginning of the GreenWood District in the early 1900’s. Supporting our local small businesses should be celebrated and there are many great black owned small businesses around Tulsa to check out. So, use this spotlight to shop small, safely, and socially... Continue Reading →

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